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Hello…everyone pratically!

So you may see (or not), that I haven’t post anything in last month, but that isn’t because I’m lazy and I don’t “find” time. No, it isn’t. Is because in last month my school was…really bad. My parents forbidden me to write any blog or anything, that I must study, and I’m working pretty hard so that  I  can get my good grades back.

So this is it. I can’t write blogs and I’m really sorry about it. Probably now one actually read my blog, but still…I’m sorry????!!!

I guess this is goodbye, not forever but for now. When I come back, I will write super happy post, I hope!!!



Searching for a twinkle




So today is Friday 13. and today we write a test! Great, good date teacher. But it was not so horrible, actually it was pretty good. Another great thing today-ITS SNOWING (in Slovenia is snowing), and now I can finally do some challenge for scouts (did I mentioned I’m a scout girl? No? Very strange…), because we must to a snow sculpture. Anyway, with this thing I will deal it tomorrow.

Searching for twinkle. I’m searching for little twinkle in a darkness, everyone are searching their twinkels in a dark. But why? Because we can’t except that we fail. We can’t expect that we are wrong with something. We can’t expect that we lose everyone that we love. We can’t…

Yeah, we can’t do anything. We can’t withhold a test, we can’t withhold someone’s death,…We just can’t, this isn’t in our power but there is one thing we can to:

Remember them!

We can remember them and smile if they were a good people, or just think about them if they were cruel people.

Do you know what is the most wonderful thing about all your fails and everything? Another chance is giving to you to do something more, to do something more beautiful then before.


I was when I had problem with friends often searching for twinkle, and I found it. everyone found it, on easy and on difficult way but they find it.

I really do belive that we are never completely lost, we always have someone who is our better half.

Owl With Mind



Mystery Blogger Award


So in Sunday I was nominated for Mystery Blogger Award and first I have to thank  person who has nominated me. It was Eva with n, and she is soooo amazing. Ok, so whatever go and read her blogs!:)

  • Well, the “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion. – Okoto Enigma

So award was created by Okoto Enigmato give  un seen bloggers a chance to show yourself a world.

Rules For The Nominees:

  • Display the award logo on your blog
  • List the rules
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself.
  • Answer five questions from the nominee.
  • Nominate from ten to twenty bloggers.
  • Notify the bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, including one weird or funny question.
  • Share rhe link to your best post.

About me:

-So the first thing is that I had been born with a twisted ankle. In my life I had around 2-3 operations and the first was almost immediately when I was born. It was and still is a bit complicated because my doctor operations my foot…I don’t know how to say. Now I have one foot smaller then other and I can only wear shoes wich are hiding my ankle.

-I’m not organized at all. I want to be organized and if people don’t know me and work with me for example in a group think that I’m organized, but if they look my room see that. Clothes are all around the room, notebooks and books for school all also all around the room, bed isn’t make,…(in Thursday, I realized that I throw in a trash my PIN).

-I still wear bathrobe from age 6 and I’m 12. Yeeeeey!


  • With what can you connect with your whole, entire you (I know, that’s kind of strange question; I mean it in a way like a musician can connect with their instrument)?

Maybe, but I’m not sure I can connect with a really good book. If I like it, I can read it            when people around me are yelling and screaming. So yeah book.

  •  Does any of your teachers look like a troll? 

Actually not, but one look like a camel.

  • Which ones do you rather live on Bahamas or in Paris?

Definitely, Paris.

  • Which one do you like better: pancakes with nutella/ pancakes with jam/ pancakes with maple syrup?

This is not hard. Pancakes with nutella.

  • Do you ever look around yourself and say; oh boy, I am a tiny human being in this big place and universe? (Or am I the only one?)

A lot of times. Expecaty, when I got some silly problem I remember people in Africa               who haven’t got water, food.

My nominees:


My questions:

  • With wich person is more like you: Belle (Beauty and the beast), Poppy (Trolls) or Hermione (Harry Potter)?
  • What is your favorite place for thinking?
  • What do you hate the most?
  • Do you sometimes look animals and plants around you and think: “Do they got brains? Do they think?”
  • What is your favorite thing to talk about with anyone?


My best post:

Ok, I think this is not so hard. My best post was  Just thinking. I think the  most people like it, because I just think. I wasn’t talking about, I don’t know MY FAMILY.


So, ya this is it. Goodbye!


I’m sick


Just let me say something: I’m sick of everything. I’m sick that I care for everybody. I’m sick that I can’t sleep well, because I’m afraid of the next day of school. I’m sick that my friends gave me misleading feeling that they are my friends, and then I’m 2 m away from them at the lunch and they don’t even look at me, they will break some unwritten rule if they wave  at me. And when I’m sick of all, I get lonely.

I’m different. I know we are all different, but more I look people around me, more I have a feeling that I’m diffrent then others. I don’t like make-up, why would I ruin my face wich is so young and natural? Why would I ruin it with chemicals? I also don’t like flirting with guy, I mean if he talk to me OK, if he doesn’t I’m sad but I’m in short time again happy.One girl in school of nature it hanged over boy who she was in loved in, he must carried her on his back.

But I very often feel like…everybody expect everything perfect of me because I’m the first child, the first granddaughter and the first nephew. But I can’t do that. I can’t be good at every thing I undertake. I just can’t, I’m only a human. For example: in fourth grade I get my first bad grade (C) and all world was going upside down. Me and my parents spend a weekend talking about what I did wrong, and how stupid I am…we even make a table for learning. It was just awful. Ok, I get through it (but I didn’t forgot). But when my sister get a bad grade (also C, but in third grade), they were not angry at all. They were said like:”Ok, its nothing.”Three words. Three word they said to her, but with me, we spend all weekend because some stupid grade. And now is still the same. I get through all hell of my family, but she is just playing horses in her room, when my parents yell at me. Great, have fun. But life isn’t fair.

But in other perspective I feel like a trash. Everyone are thinking that they can be friends with me, but then they can leave me in a darkness when I don’t see the light. They think like that because they know I’m strong. They know I’m gonna get through it, in every way I can’t. Even if I’m alone.

And, yeah I’m sick that I have to be perfect. But I’m also grateful for life which I’m living, because I can’t wish a better family. Its funny, and incomprehensible but is also kind and they are my light in darkness when I can’t see the light.

And someday…yeah someday this will be all over.


Just thinking…


I’m just thinking who I am, who I used to be and who I will grow up in.

I’m thinking who I was… Little girl who had many friends, who like to play horses (really famous game), who was calm and cool and everybody was thinking: “Ah, is just Brina. Leave her alone”. If I look back to kindergarden…in my family we are Christians (but not some silly one, normal) and in my town we have Christian kindergarden, but is not such a big thing . We pray before every meal, and we sing Christians songs and they were actually very fun. Ok, I kinda lose a point…so in there I meet a lot of friends which I still have a contact and I understand very well with almost everyone. When  I was little (4 or 5 years old) I also had a boyfriend (I will say him Alex) which is now total disgusting and I can’t imagine I was with him and I was kissing him on his ceeks…ooooo teribale!!!!! But he was very similar to friend from 5th grade (do you remember her?), but I think he was worse. My parents said (I don’t remember this, I guess I remember just happy memories), that they were ask me why I don’t play with other friends and I said (I can’t belive I was such a stupid girl): ” Alex said I musn’t play with others, because he want me for himself”. But anyway the point is I was silly, little girl who wasn’t understant what is world like. Ok, maybe because I was having a lot of operations but I wasn’t having any idea that all around the world people are hungry, they don’t have money and I was angry on my grandma because she doesn’t gave me a toy computer I was thinking it was for me…

I’m thinking who I am… Maybe loyal, maybe friendly…maybe cruel or selfish or I’m nothing of this. I actually don’t know what I am like, I just know my own feelings, minds. Other who are around me see me-what I’m like when I’m in good mood, or am I angry, I can only just predict. But if I ask myself in wich words will  I describe myself that were be independent, intelligent and brave. I’m independnet because I’m not a  person like I need somebody to lead me. No, I ask others if they are the same mind as I am, but if they are not I say like: “Ok, do in your way and I will in my.”. I’m intelligent because I get ideas like nobody gets, I often don’t think the same as others so I’m usually quite lonely because if I join someone  who is talking something I don’t agree with it I will tell him in a face. I’m brave because I stood up for people who can’t defend themself’s.

I’m thinking who I will grow up in… Ok, this is difficult. I can’t tell what I will become in. Maybe I will be high education woman, or a cleaning lady in school, or in important political building. Who knows? Maybe God, but I’m not sure. But there is one thing is surely know: now one will get me to that level I want, only me is responsible for this.

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney top
That’s where you’ll find me

Owl With Minddacfdc090f3caf122327e1ed9f099b99

Mrs.”Who Knows Everything”



I’m back with another blog and if you read my last two your kinda found I wrote about my magical world. Actually last one I tested it on my friends on Sunday when we should be doing a history report (btw: it was about an Inca civilization) but we have made a short pause and sit down and drink tea, and then all the feelings pour out. Yes, in short, they all get quite emotional. So I have done some”meditation”, and they said it helps. I was glad to hear that, but I don’r think they thought it seriously. Whatever, this was my last blog. Forget about past. Soooooo title of todays blog is Miss “Who Knows Everything”.


Why is the title of today’s blog just that? Because when I came to my computer and I ask myself what I’m gonna write about I have no idea. So I have started to think and think what is the thing in a whole world that makes me like I wanna scream. And I came to that theme.


Ok, I can’t denied I’m glad when people say:” Oh, you can’t get a bad score, you are just so smart”. Those are typical word of my friends. Anyway, the thing that makes me scream is that it looks I have to be everywhere the best, but I’m not.


For example the day before yesterday when me and my class was writing a Science test. I already don’t like science (maybe I would like it if the teacher wasn’t soooooo boring), but the test was HORIBLE (I mean, why we must know what is Specular reflection????) and yesterday we get the test back and my friend told me again when I was so afraid to get a bad score. ” You can’t get a bad score, you are to smart. So shut up.”, but at the end I get a bad score and I’m happy about it because it could be worse.


This is one side, but other than that I wanna be good. Not in all but in classes I like.


I also have parents who submitted a lot of hard work in my scholl (because I’m sometimes very lazy), and then I have a REALLY bad conscience and I feel very guilty (I think all Slovenians have a very bad conscience).



Ahmmmmm, I thought is this the end? I hope I don’t bored you with all my blogs. If you also sometimes feel like Mrs. or Mr.” Who Knows Everything”, write me.


Have a wonderful day, happy holidays and I wish you unforgetable Christmas!!!!!


Owl With Mind

Something magical this way comes…



Today I’m here with another blog (I usually begin with this line, why I’m sooo boring?) and today’s title is Something magical this way comes , and it’s gonna be magical!!!!!!!!!!∼

∼I mean if you are in a mood like: I’m open for new things. But if you aren’t in this mood, this blog will be pretty boring and stupid. I warn you!




Sooooooo crazy people, welcome!

I think a title of this blog tells you what I’m gonna to talk about today – magic. OK, but first close your eyes. I said CLOSE YOUR EYES. Very well.


Breathe in and breathe out. Now open your eyes. You are now ready for what will follow next. It will be really hard.


Imagine you are in a wood, full of secrets, magic. There is no worries or troubles. Is just you and a wood. Will you stay or you will go with words:”It’s not interesting at all”. What is your choice?


If you stay let you imagination go pass your expectations. Imagine that you are still in the wood, with magic and secrets. In the middle of the wood stands a very high tree, and in that tree magical creatures named Gomerts who are rabbits with wings are living . They are so cute you can’t resist to wish touching them, holding them and huging them. After the Gomerts come to you, all other animals come from their holes and homes. There are Axulians (lions with colorful mane), Worens (women who can tranform into a tree, they got yellow or green eyes), Umanders (birds with hard, almost iron feathers, they are diffrent colours: green, red, yellow and pink) and a lot of other magical animals. You think they can read your minds, because one of Gomerts says, with beep and quite voice: “You found us, your heart and your soul is ready for what is waiting for you for many years. You are The Finder.”



In that moment you wake up and hear mum’s voice and you think: “This was just a dream and nothing of this was ment to happen. I’m not The Finder, for gods sake!”. But mum is now speaking louder and she is in a kitchen. You come in and then you see a girl the same age as you with green eyes, and on her face there’s a happy smile:”Finaly, you come. Hi, I’m Ronna and I’m a Worena.”


Was you going very deep into your imagination? Do you know any of magical animals you discover? Tell me in a comment or write me an email.


I hope you enjoyed something (I mean not for everywone, we are not all the same!) more relaxed. I was just trying to turn you away from all your stress and troubles.


Have a nice rest of the day (or night)!

Owl With Mind